Thursday, 23 September 2010

More eye candy, inspiration and connection than you can shake a stick at!

We all know that social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc,  are with us to stay, that we can have quite personal info about people we hardly know in places we've never been. That communication via email or heaven help us letters are virtually a thing of the past!

Guess what, I have mixed feelings about it all but having said all that,  check out . In their own words, it's where, 'professional craft artists display their work and connect with each other across all fields of interest.'

There really is a formidable collection of beautiful work here, across all crafts including forums for polymer clay and metal clay, online curated events and of course chats with people all over the world if desired. There's a small annual fee but worth it for the eye candy alone and I believe they have an Etsy shop you can join.

Yet more 'friends' to connect with? well yes, but good fun too. Welcome to the 21st century Debbie!!

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