Monday, 28 March 2011

A great weekend at Great Missenden

A great weekend with 7 students all new to polymer clay. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly this medium grabs people's imagination and creativity and how everyone's interpretation of exactly the same technique turns out to be so uniquely their own. 

Well done to them- and umm well done to me too!!!

Liya Brown

Maddy Loria
Penny Hamilton

Penny Hamilton

Penny Hamilton

Liya Brown 

Anna Houghton

Sheena Anderson

Angela Green

Angela Green

Liya brown

Anna Houghton

Janet Weekes

Janet Weekes

Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm on a bit of a roll ( jam or ham??)

2 great bit of news ( sound of trumpets being blown...) I'm have a polymer clay and metal clay project in the next Polymer Pizzazz coming out the beginning of April AND I have been selected along with a truly amazing cast list of metal clay artists to be in the 'NEW DIRECTIONS' online event taking place on Crafthaus. I don't know yet which pieces have been selected but will keep you posted. 

Also having a creative snap following the amazing Polymer Pamper Play weekend in Dorset. Pictures of the event can be found on,uk and I'll post my new stuff soon

'With over 25 jewelry projects from Bead and Button and Art Jewelry magazines, Polymer Pizzazz 2, a follow-up to the praised Polymer Pizzazz, focuses on the various ways polymer clay can be shaped, stamped, sculpted, and textured to make pendants, beads, and other jewelry components. In addition to basic techniques, readers learn how to achieve dramatic effects by mixing in other materials such as paints and pearlescent and metallic powders. This book also includes an introduction on how to use polymer, and is organized by technique for easy reference. Polymer Pizzazz 2 is a perfect progression to the next polymer level.'

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sterling silver metal clay; The best kept secret in town!

Well- watch this space, i most certainly shall be!

'Lisa Cain, Director of the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery (MCSJ) in England , announced today that she and her staff have developed methods, recipes and firing schedules for com­bining existing commercial silver and copper clay formulas into hallmark-quality sterling silver clay. A fired sample of the clay was first hallmarked by the London Assay Office on January 25, 2011. The step-by-step method, recipes and firing schedule will be published in the Spring 2011 issue (Vol. 2, Issue #2) of Metal Clay Artist Magazine, which will launch in early April.
Staff at MCSJ developed two successful recipes, one using Art Clay™ brand metal clays and another using PMC® clays. Well-known UK artists Julia Rai (also a staff instructor at MCSJ), Lesley Messam and Chris Pate tested and refined the process to ensure that it could be reproduced easily and reliably in a home studio. Detailed reports from all three testers will be included in the nine-page article in the upcoming issue of Metal Clay Artist Magazine devoted to this breakthrough metal clay discovery.
Ms. Cain explains, “My motivation for developing this new option was the very real need for this type of clay, especially here in the UK where hallmarking laws influence the materials we artists can use credibly in our commercial work. Sterling silver clay of hallmark quality is a crucial next step in the evolution of metal clay.”
Once Ms. Cain had proven that sterling silver clay was achievable and practical, she shared her discovery with a small number of colleagues and close friends, some of whom encouraged her to manufacture the sterling silver clay or try to benefit financially from the recipes in some way. “I have no interest in doing either. My focus is set firmly on innovation, artistry in metal clay, teaching and running the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. I share it willingly with the metal clay community.”
Ms. Cain chose to reveal her method, recipes, firing schedules and detailed test results in Metal Clay Artist Magazine because “they were willing and excited to allocate the effort and space needed to really do justice to the story and give the metal clay community all the detailed information I wanted to share.” Metal Clay Artist Magazine is available for purchase at more than 12,000 locations worldwide. To purchase a copy of the Vol. 2, Issue #2, which contains the article on Lisa Cain’s sterling silver metal clay, visit the magazine website. You can also buy this issue from the MCA website, he MCSJ website. This issue will be available in April.'

Friday, 4 March 2011

Some new work inspired by Joni

Both Sides Now pendant. Fine silver with sparkly polymers and pearl

Both Sides Now pendant. Fine silver with sparkly polymer and pearls

and just to remind you how wonderful she is, my enduring hero, listen to the real deal

Wow! Jewels meets WOW women

Wow! Jewels for the WoW (Women of the World) Festival
 at the Southbank March 11th-13th 2011

lots of events, a plethora of celebrities, lovely things to buy

Come and see us at the Wow! Jewels stand in the Royal Festival Hall, Level 2 (overlooking the Ballroom on the raised walkway entrance side)
a selection of 8 designers' jewellery for sale 
Friday and Saturday 12-7 , Sunday 12-4

see full festival events programme via link below

Marking the 100th anniversary of international women's day

I'm very excited to be taking part in this event next Tuesday in Spitalfields market to celebrate International Womens Day. The market is just one of many amazing events taking place in London. 

Check out to find out more. 

They say '

Launching this year, WOW – Women of the World – is a joyous celebration of the formidable strength and inventiveness of women – a pioneering, groundbreaking annual festival, which will present, recognise and celebrate women, and act as a conversation space for issues of all kinds.
‘Through a series of debates, conversations, networking opportunities, presentations, showcases and places to meet and talk, Wow – Women of the World celebrates the potential and achievement of women and addresses some of the obstacles that women face across the world.
Joining us are leading women across all sectors, and together we explore in depth some of the most potent topics for women today.’ (Jude Kelly, Women of the World Festival Director