Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A fab new book and not a piece of polymer or metal clay in sight!

Lark http://www.larkbooks.com/ have done it again, a fabulous new book 'Jewelry Design Challenge' by Linda Kopp. As the front cover states,
'10 materials, 30 artists, 30 spectacular projects.'

It's a great premise, each of the artists were sent the same collection of simple materials; sterling and copper sheet, tubing, wire, washers, pearls, mesh etc and asked to put a step by step project together with all or some of the stuff plus one thing of their own they could add.

The work is amazing, described in detail and require some serious bench skills to follow. Artists include Bob Ebendorf,
Thomas Mann http://www.thomasmann.com/
Robert Dancik http://www.robertdancik.com/
Tim McCreight http://www.brynmorgen.com/
Sydney Lynch http://www.sydneylynch.com/  
and Deb Karash http://www.debkarash.wordpress.com/

As I said, not a drop of polymer or metal clay used but for once that really doesn't matter!


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