Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm feeling European today- Voila!

!Hola, bonjour und Guten Tag. is a great site, jammed packed with information; lots of new work and eye candy, regular juried competitions, lists of new turorials available on the net, discussions about art, life and the universe, well the polymer clay universe anyway!  I personally think it's right at the centre of where polymer clay is at its most 'happening' right now ie continental Europe.

It was started by Christine Dumont who is Belgium by birth lives in the UK but has travelled all over the world. In her own words, 'Voila is a web-based community for polymer artists to develop their voice and raise their game'

She's doing a great job, check out the site, join and have fun.

Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen y Hasta luego

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  1. Hey Debbie! What a sweetheart you are! We are currently running a most exciting programme: a learning forum on critiquing/judging and the judges-in-training are about to critique 41 pieces! No rest for the wicked! Congrats on your new blog! Some lovely pieces in your slideshow, I see. Will hop over to your flickr site soon!