Thursday, 26 August 2010

On the art of procrastination and Websites!!

I've had my website since 2005, it was put together by Michael Taylor  It lists my events and teaching courses, testimonials and a bit about me and pics of my jewellery from a few years ago-all fine and dandy.

Now it needs a jolly good seeing to, in other words- UPDATING. At the moment all my new work is going onto flickr- see and I need to seriously think about having some sort of e-commerce.  

I am the worlds greatest procrastinator and it is a case of getting down to it. I've had some great offers of help so as it's a horrid wet day here in London - just do it Debbie!!

In the meanwhile a few pics of some of my more recent stuff

1 comment:

  1. Oh nice. I like um!

    Yes, my website does not get as much TLC as I would like to give it. I had a good revamp a while ago and promised myself I would put one or two new pieces onto the site every day. Um.. that didn't last long!!

    Must keep trying though :)