Sunday, 22 August 2010

10 of the best.. books on polymer clay

OK- a few caveats first... Actually, I could put these in any order but we do LOVE a top 10 list! There are of course 100's to choose from but these are the books that I am constantly dipping in and out of ; I think they're well written, well illustrated and, depending on my changing interests always have something new to offer. I've listed the publishers but as far as I know they're pretty much all available thro Amazon

  • How to make polymer clay beads. Carol Blackburn        My book of choice for people starting out with polymer clay.
  • The Art of Polymer clay: Millefiori techniques. Donna Kato
  • The Art of Polymer clay: Creative surface techniques. Donna Kato. These 2 books really cover everything we need to know, clear and easy to follow.
  • Polymer Clay Creative Traditions. Techniques and projects inspired by the fine and decorative arts Judy Belcher 30 different projects following interesting art inspired themes.
  • Polymer Clay Surface Design Recipes 100 mixed media techniques Ellen Marshall
  • Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, techniques and jewelry projects for creating sucessful pallettes. Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio The queens of colour, quite technical but a must have for moving into the realm of creative colour.
  • The Art of Polymer clay: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration. Katherine Duncan Animone  more advanced and projects aren't so easy to follow but amazing work.
  • Ancient Modern, polymer clay and wire jewelry. Rona Sarvas Weltman a strong, style lead book with a fresh and modern approach to polymer clay- love it
  • Mixed Media Mosaics, using polymer clay tiles, beads and other embellishments. Laurie Mika  Pub. North Light Books. Again, strong, style specific but polymer clay with a message! 
  • and last but by no means least.... 400 Polymer clay designs   Published in 2004 and IMHO due for an updated version, however eye candy galore and constant source of inspiration.
The upshot of all this, I've had to join a book club cos I don't read FICTION anymore- call me sad or what!!

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  1. Thanks for that Debbie, Polymer clay is one of things I keep wanting to more with but never seem to get round to. Perhaps I need to be more inspired