Friday, 20 August 2010

Have you been Zentangled yet?

I first came across the 'concept' of Zentangles via Susan Lomuto's  ( one of my daily must see blogs btw)

It's basically a black and white doodle, and as I have been a compulsive doodler since school I thought oh good, a new idea for an image transfer on polymer clay for my big bangles. I then look into this via and discover a whole world of people doing the most amazing drawings with Flickr groups , blogs galore, Squidoo lens  -the works. There seems to be this whole philosophy around doodling! and I quote

'Zentangle turns drawings into artistic design while reducing stress and improving focus....developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the traditional zentangle includes a ritual to help get in touch with life while creating beautiful art'
Suzanne McNeill certified Zentangle teacher

Hmmmmm.. call me a sceptic but this is a case of arty b*****x right ? or maybe it's the next big thing What do you think ?. Anyway, a few of my first attempts follow


  1. welcome to blogland Debbie, yes I love zentangles too, looking forward to seeing what you have been making

  2. Lovely Zentangles! Did you see the article in the current Metal Clay Artist Magazine (issue #4) by Linda Smith? She also talks about zentangles and there is a line of zentangle texture plates by Helen Breil. Great for polymer clay and metal clay.

  3. Hi Debbie! I have bought a Zentangle starter kit after reading the article in Metal Clay Artist. I also have some of Helen Breil's texture plates.

  4. YAY - welcome to the Blogoverse :)