Wednesday, 25 August 2010

10 of the best....books on metal clay

Really, really difficult to chose ten, much less put them in any particular order. I guess I'm aiming here more at someone starting out but as ever all totally subjective. Just cos your book isn't here doesn't mean I don't love you!
  • CeCe Wire 'New Directions in Metal Clay'. project lead but really good intro covering all the basics
  • Jackie Truty 'Metal Clay, the Complete Guide'. again, very comprehensive, geared towards Art Clay Silver
  • Hadar Jacobson 'The Handbook of metal clay, Textures and Forms' I'm always dipping in and out of this and her other 2 books. I'm a huge fan of her work and her simple, elegant techniques.
  • Sherri Haab 'Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelery' and 'The Art of Metal Clay' Quite a craft orientated approach but fun and easy projects to follow.
  • Tim Mcreight (Ed) 'Precious Metal Clay Techniques' A whole range of top top artists share their particular specialisms. Not beginners stuff but crammed full of information.
  • Barbara Becker Simon 'Metal Clay Beads' Stunning projects. I did a class with her this year,she's a hoot.
  • Linda Kaye Moses 'Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads'  You wait forever for one book about beads to come along... also good and different enough to get both
  • Patricia Kimlie 'Perfectly paired, designing jewelry with polymer and metal clays'. A really different take on using both materials together. I thought of it first but she did it!!
  • Kate McKinnon 'Sculptural metal clay jewelry' really different and interesting approach, lots of food for thought.
and by no means least...

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