Thursday, 7 October 2010

Most definitely creative in Corbieres

To be honest you don't normally go on these things for the food and the sightseeing! The great tutors, new ideas, interesting people and bit of shopping-of course. But last week's trip to Luc Sur Orbieu in the South West of France ticked every box.

Canal du Midi

Andy and the boys, paella evening

Just over 50 people from all over the world got together in a community hall in a tiny village in the middle of the French countryside surrounded by vineyards. Kylee and her husband Andy, residents of said village seemed to have galvanized the entire population (about 1000) to the help with the event; cooking us truly spectacular food, putting us up in their homes and generally just being supportive to the cause of polymer clay!

Ah yes, polymer clay, I almost forgot, that's why we were there. 5 really fabulous tutors covering a diverse spectrum of work. First up for my group was Laurie Mika.  It was great to explore new surface design and techniques and think more deeply about meaning behind one's work. Lorretta Lam's beautiful wearable Inro's next. For me as much an exercise in attention to detail and finish, not always my strong point, as subtle colour choices and design

Lisa Pavelka's faux batik session

My 'Laurie Mika'

Ronna Sarvas Weltman's session  really blew me away. We covered a huge amount of ground and my head was full to bursting with ideas as a result. For me, the challenge is how to take all these wonderfully strong styles and techniques and to come up with something that becomes your own rather than a mini version of what the artist has made.

Creating custom findings is so important and Denise Peck took us through a 101 session on how to make headpins, clasps, earwires etc. A timely reminder for me that I can actually do this and to stop being lazy about it! Finally, but by no means least, a great session with Lisa Pavelka . Tips and tricks galore shared with great generosity and humour. 

In fact generosity of spirit, humour and, as the Irish would say, great craic sum up the event. It was indeed tres coool!!

Laurie Mika, Kylee and Lisa Pavelka


My London Polymer Clay buddies, Sue Margretts and Rebecca Thickbroom


  1. What a fantastic review. I am so proud!
    Great to have met you and so pleased you had an amazing time!


  2. ....I really enjoyed meeting you and having a nice chat with you...;-)) Hope we can repeat that sometimes! Greetings from Germany