Sunday, 24 October 2010

From Oman to Cricklewood !

I've taught students from all over London, all over Europe and even India and Singapore which has been wonderful. Emma West came over all the way from Oman specially for a 3 day polymer clay/metal clay class. 

Well done to her for making the journey, we had a fun 3 days and she made some lovely things. She has her own jewellery boutique in Muscat and has promised me she's going to spread the word about polymer and metal clay- more converts to our cause- hurrah

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  1. I wish I had met Emma when I lived in Oman! I was in Muscat for 18 months and had a life devoid of jewellery making (although I bought plenty in the souk....). I too flew home to the UK from Oman (to MCSJ) in order to take a course.