Monday, 25 July 2011

Polymer and metal clay heaven by way of Chicago!

I've been back a week- although it feels like a month.- from my trip to the Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago. It was a whirlwind event starting early in the morning and ending late at night altho' admittedly that was in the bar. 

The venue was perfect for the job, a large hotel about 1 hour outside Chicago with all the facilities you needed ( and didn't need ie swimming pools, golf courses etc) Unfortunately I didn't get to see anything of Chicago which was a real shame but hey - next time.

So what did I do? Well, to start with I did Bettina Welker's Hinged bracelet pre-conference  I've long admired her work and especially these beauties. It was an illuminating day, she's a good teacher and we just about got thro it. My efforts were a bit wonkey to say the least as being precise and accurate is NOT my forte. However great learning and good fun.

One of the best things was the texture, a sponge like material used as a filter in aquariums! and then using oil paint to patinate the baked piece.

One of the absolutely best things for me was the fact that the polymer clay retreat was held at the same time in the same place. I got to meet all my polymer and metal clay friends and see what everyone was up to.... and on that note.... next episode tomorrow!


  1. Impressive, Debbie! Looks like everyone had so much fun at the retreat. I am phtalo-green with envy! Here, it's garage sale, packing and more packing!


  2. can't wait to hear the rest of your news. And so looking forward to your forth coming trip to teach in Sunny Yorkshire.

  3. see you Sunday Christine
    see you in a few weeks Lynnda