Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The IPCA polymer clay retreat- Stepping into another world.

I imagine walking into the polymer clay retreat room in Chicago is a bit like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. A large, pretty boring conference room set out with long tables and chairs was transformed by about 60 -70 polymer clay enthusiasts into another world. 

People had set up their own little worlds equipped with more tools and kit and samples of polymer clay than you could shake a stick at. Shelves had been built to accommodate yet more samples of things to buy, and elaborate work surfaces constructed full of more things in the process of being made made. One side of the room had banks of toaster ovens manned virtually round the clock and the other side of the room was table after table of amazing raffle prizes to be won.

Throughout the day there were planned and impromptu demos from the big hitters of the polymer clay world as well as others willing to share their latest tips, tricks and techniques. It was , of course, all being filmed!

Delegates from the Art Clay Conference ( we were sharing meal times in the conference venue) were walking round the room with eyes on stalks and mouths open, it was indeed a sight to behold!

Ponsawan's ring tray

Jill Palumbo

Debbie Jackson

Maureen Carlson and Barbara Forbes Lyon


  1. Thanks Debbie for sharing your experience at the retreat. I enjoy seeing the artists' tables, workspaces and their work. Thanks, Marlene

  2. Potsawan's ring tray is a sight to behold!

  3. Thank you for showing my ring tray.:)