Saturday, 11 December 2010

Great guest teachers for our Polymer Pamper and Play event

I'm really delighted to announce that Carol Blackburn  and Christine Dumont are our 2 guest teachers for the event  

Carol is going to be making Ikat beads. Ikat is a style of weaving common to many world cultures.  It is likely to be one of the oldest forms of textile decoration and is associated with silks and luxury fabrics. 
Carol will show you how to adapt Ikat's distinctive patterns and graphic qualities to polymer clay and make beautiful beads and pendants. 
Carol’s experience as a freelance designer of knitted fabrics adds excitement to the project!

Christine Dumont 
Butterfly Beads are constructed to be physically light, requiring a sculptural approach that might be new and challenging to many.

When several beads are assembled, they produce stunning necklaces or bracelets as their fluted outlines create elegant negative space. In themselves, they carry enough drama to be a focal bead or a single-beaded pendant.
This workshop will be appropriate for those with a basic knowledge of polymer clay material handling, and will be particularly appreciated by artists who want to explore sculpting as a new way of working.

In addition to her awe-inspiring work, Christine is the creator of Voila, a web based community for artists to develop polymer, their voice and raise their game!

There are some more surprises to be announced before Christmas so watch this space. See my last post for more info re the event and a booking form or contact Rebecca on 07902 155 280 or 

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