Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My NEW website is up and running

Debbie Carlton Jewellery
designer, maker, teacher
who would have believed it... after all this time I've finally got my act together and have a new website. 

In the end I went for a www.wix.com site. It's a flash based site but they have a version for use on a ipad/iphone so that's good and as far as i can tell, the SEO is working OK- not that I'm an expert.

I did have help from one of the Wix 'experts' who came up with the idea for the home page www.jourdesign.co.uk.

So.... check it out www.debbiecarltonjewellery.co.uk 
I'd be delighted if you could give it a test drive and would be much appreciated
And.... I'm now working on using www.mailchimp.com for my emails etc.
whatever next I hear you say!

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